I am an anonymous surrealist with a slight interest in security and privacy.

Browse the web with ease and flair: https://seamonkey-project.org/ The Great and original Mozilla Browser. Keeping it real. Or trying to.. Also check out https://palemoon.org/ another competent browser where focus is on user control.

Do so without trackers, viral pushers, and ads: The great general-purpose blocker uBlock Origin: https://github.com/gorhill/ublock Pair it with https://github.com/gorhill/umatrix to get full control over what or what not your browser connects to. uMatrix can basically replace noscipt, ghostery, request policy, and similar tools. Working side by side with uBlock Origin it gives you a really good protection base line.

Through an encrypted multi layered connection: https://torproject.org/

Speak freely using an open, secure, and free protocol: https://xmpp.org/ The best IM system for secure and federated communication.

Use movim as your social media platform: https://movim.eu/ “Because it isn’t facebook” should be reason enough, but it is actually a genuinely great experience. Built on top of XMPP!

Slight being the keyword here. For total privacy: download the web and surf offline!


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